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It's more than a hobby, it's a privilege!

Coming to Canada I have been racially mistreated as all immigrants have. one thing that did not change my love for cricket and my love for the wide-open road. 

Fortunately enough a group of friends got together one day and created a very impactful group of like-minded riders. Cobra on wheels stands for brotherhood, support, and family fun.

Over the years we have supported one another in countless ways. What better support can we extend during this stressful time than to those who take care of us when we need it most.

As a thank you to our extended government family, we have raised $20,000 in less than a week's notice and arranged an awareness ride through the GTA dispursing our raised funds to Firestations, police departments, and hospitals facing increased COVID stress. find a lawyer near me

Sick Kids - Bhardwaj Law Corportation
UHN Bhardwaj Law Corporation

$20,000 Raised in less than a week!

Charitable Organizations we ongoingly contribute toward

Miss India Canada - Bhardwaj Law Corporation
Sunil Shetty Bhardwaj Law Corporation
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